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How to tie your belt. (Click)

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Weapons Kata

Bokken Kata Tachi Waza (click)
Bokken Kata Tachi Waza 2 (click)

Bokken Kata - Suwari Waza (click)
Bokken Kata - Suwari Waza 2 (click)

Jo Kata (click)
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At Home Training Videos - March / April 2020

Greeting and introduction (click)

Open Class and ball tag (click)

Warm Up Exercises (click)

Forward Rolls (click)

Back Rolls (click)

Strikes (click)

Blocks (click)

Wrist Exercises (click) 

Tae No Henko (click)

Make a door - Sankyo (click) 

Starfish and Shihinage (click) 

'Popcorn Army Crawl' (click)

Close Class (cick) 

Self Defense - Hand Sanitizer (click) 

Hand Sanitize before wresting (click)

Toilet Paper Bandit (click)

Toilet Paper Stick up (click)

Yokomen Shiho-Nage blend (click)

Yokomen Shiho-Nage enter (click)

Sensei Claudia - Solo Practice (click)

Boxing one-two (click)

Katate-Tori Reverse KoteGaeshi (click)