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Safe Hands Healing Hands

Created by a Teacher and Self Defense Instructor,
a Dr. of Pharmacy / Mental Health Specialist, and
a Physical Therapist for Douglas County

80% of teachers have been victims of threats or physical violence; 94% by students; 44% physically attacked by a student.

Health Care workers account for 70% of non-fatal
workplace violent injuries.

Applying the concepts of Aikido, Safe Hands Healing Hands has created a Simple, Effective, and Non-Violent answer to empower Educators and Caregivers to protect themselves.

Participants will learn antecedents and precipitating factors to avoid and redirect possible violent altercations through verbal de-escalation techniques as well as management of work environments.

Gentle techniques are taught to escape from  Hair Grabs, Grabs from Front and Behind, Choking and situational use of clothing and personal items/ medical apparel. Deflection Techniques to avoid Slaps and Overhead Strikes are also instructed.

For more information contact
Claudia (402) 630-3169

"Non Violent but Not Defenseless"

Video Demonstration


Classes held at Shuurin Dojo

6:00-9:00 pm

14121 S Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68137


Wed July 29th 

Wed Aug 

Wed Sept 30th

 Wed Oct 28th

Off Site classes available

Please RSVP 7 days in advance.

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