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Instructors - Aikido


Lloyd McWhirt Sensei has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. Lloyd Sensei started in college practicing Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and has experience with other martial arts including Jujitsu, Judo and Yiliquan Kung Fu.  Lloyd Sensei started his Aikido training at the LaVista Rec Center in 1999. He spent over 12 years there as the kid's class instructor and was the Dojo Cho. 

Lloyd Sensei started Aikido Shuurin Dojo LLC in March of 2011. Lloyd Sensei currently holds the rank of Yondan in Aikido.
Through work connections and the military  Lloyd Sensei has traveled throughout the country and other parts of the world and has had the opportunity to train with many great Aikido instructors. 

I would like to thank the many friends I have had the opportunity to train with all over the country. Your influence, support, and friendship are greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

- Lloyd McWhirt Sensei

Claudia Brown-Jackman Sensei
Assistant Instructor / Kid's Instructor
Shuurin Dojo

** Sensei Claudia has completed a background check by the State of Nebraska Health and Human Services


Brad Sensei was introduced to aikido while serving in the military on deployment. His military lifestyle afforded him the opportunity to train with many different people in many different places giving him a unique outlook on the martial art. In 2007 Brad’s military life deposited him here in Omaha where he met senseis Lloyd and Claudia.

Brad Sensei has been practicing aikido for over 15 years and has earned his 2nd black belt at Shuurin Dojo. He helps to facilitate the Saturday open mat class and teaches the Saturday weapons class.


Brian Harkins Sensei
Assistant Instructor 
Shuurin Dojo

** Sensei Brian has completed a background check by the State of Nebraska Health and Human Services

Teri Sensei studied aikido under Sensei Lloyd and Sensei Claudia before the creation of Shuurin Dojo. She started aikido in the kid’s class with her nephews to help them develop self-confidence and learn self-defense. Sensei Teri and her family are original members of Shuurin dojo. Prior to Aikido, Sensei Teri studied Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. She assists with the kid’s class, Tuesday night women’s class, Wednesday night and Saturday morning classes.    

Outside of aikido Teri is a member of the MasterSingers, a community choral ensemble, and performs in local theater. She is interested in natural medicines and is a psychiatric pharmacist at the Omaha VA Medical Center where it is her privilege to care for our countries Veteran’s.



Lloyd McWhirt Sensei
Shuurin Dojo Head Instructor and Dojo Cho

** Sensei Lloyd has completed a background check by the State of Nebraska Health and Human Services

Claudia Sensei has been with Lloyd Sensei from the very beginning.  Starting at the same time, over a decade ago, they discovered they had three things in common.  They both shared an intense and competitive love for Aikido, creativity when instructing, and a great sense of intellectual humor!  Combining these three elements they have developed many successful programs and workshops which empower children and women. 

As Claudia Sensei’s family is from Argentina she easily majored in Spanish and currently teaches at a High School here in Omaha.  Her passion and talents for teaching transcend in the classroom and on the mat.  Learning should always be fun, and in martial arts, practical for age appropriate students.  She has studied various martial arts and has found Aikido to be the most practical and effective for women and children, and is within the confines of a zero tolerance policy in scholastic environments.

         Brad Clear Sensei
         Assistant Instructor / Weapons Instructor
         Shuurin Dojo

Brian Sensei has had an interest in Aikido for many years. After searching for a martial art that he and his wife could do together he found Shuurin Dojo. He has trained under Lloyd Sensei at Shuurin since 2014. Brian Sensei also has prior experience in tae kwon do and wrestling. He assists with the kids class, Saturday morning class and Wednesday night class.  

Teri Gabel Sensei
Assistant Instructor
Shuurin Dojo

** Sensei Teri has completed a background check by the State of Nebraska Health and Human Services